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In 1989, The 577 Foundation Community Gardens was an idea from Virginia Secor Stranahan. She was a gardener & invited anyone to garden with her, discover organic practices, share their knowledge & "learn to love the land".

The Community Gardeners are an important part of The 577 Foundation; their gardens have created a pleasant environment for visitors, an education in organic growing & an inspiration to future gardeners. The garden spaces are free!!


  • I will attend 3 Community Garden Meetings:

    • THINK SUMMER: Meet staff & gardeners, get ready to garden

    • GARDEN ORIENTATION: Tour grounds, tool sheds, compost area, brush piles & review guidelines.

    • HARVEST GARDEN POTLUCK: Eat! Review fall clean-up & evaluations.

  • I will garden organically! (No till, no chemical insecticides/herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.)

  • I will plant a designated portion of my garden of produce for the local Food Banks.

  • I will volunteer in at least one of the following areas: Garlic Mustard Pull, Food Bank Harvesting, Food Bank Delivery.

  • I will plant my garden before June 10.

  • Garden planters and ornamentation above ground need to be made of natural materials.

  • I will keep my weeds under control.

    • If my plot becomes unkempt, I understand I will be given 1 week’s notice to clean it up. After that time, it will be reassigned.

  • I will respect my neighboring gardens: will not plant tall crops that will shade their garden; will pick only my own crops; will share in maintaining & weeding the fence lines, edges & paths created between gardens.

  • If fencing is necessary, I will use chicken wire fence not to exceed 24 in. high & stakes of wood, metal or fiberglass not to exceed 2 inches above the fence.

  • I will clean & put away tools in the Community Garden shed.

  • I will attend to watering & sprinkling, treat hoses carefully & wind them up to faucet site.

  • I will harvest my garden & not allow produce to rot.

  • I will pick up trash, litter & greenhouse plastic to take home for disposal.

  • I will be responsible for behavior, supervision of any guests or children that I bring to the gardens & assure that they follow the guidelines.

  • I will follow the no smoking, no alcoholic beverage beliefs at The 577 Foundation.

  • If I am out of town or need help, I will make arrangements with family, friends or neighboring gardeners to water, weed & harvest my garden.

  • At the end of the season, I will follow the fall clean-up guidelines & deadlines.

  • I understand The 577 Foundation will provide the following:

    • Organic gardening advice.
    • Basic gardening tools; regular & soaker hoses.
    • Leaf mulch, compost when available (used for planting holes only).
    • Rocks & bricks when available.
    • Gardening classes Jan, Feb, Mar, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec.




If you are interested in becoming a Community Gardener,
give us a call or e-mail us for an application.

Phone: 419-874-4174